David Breashears Portrait
2007 United States Storm Over Everest  (105 min.)
  Nepal Arcturus Motion Pictures
  Canada Universal Pictures/Working Title Films/FRONTLINE PBS
  New Zealand Director, Producer, Cinematographer

2007 Tibet HEAT

2004 Nepal EVEREST Feature Film  (In Development)
    Universal Pictures/Working Title Films
    Second Unit Director, Co-Producer

2001 Tanzania Kilimanjaro IMAX: To the Roof of Africa  (40 min.)
    Arcturus Motion Pictures, Inc.
    Producer, Director, Director of Photography

1997 Nepal EVEREST: The Death Zone  (55 min.)
    Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography

1996 Tibet Seven Years in Tibet  (126 min.)
    Sony TriStar, Mandalay
    Director & Director of Photography - 4th Unit 'Himalayas'

1996 Nepal Everest IMAX  (43 min.)
    MacGillivray Freeman Films
    Co-Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Expedition Leader

1995 Peru Mystery of the Inca Mummy  (30 min.)
    National Geographic Explorer
    Field Producer, Director of Photography

1994 Tibet Red Flag Over Tibet  (55 min.)
  India Frontline PBS
  Nepal Producer, Director of Photography

1993 Italy Cliffhanger  (110 min.)
    Columbia TriStar
    2nd Unit Cameraman, Climbing Consultant and Advisor

1993 USA Ice Climb!  (35 min.)
    National Geographic Explorer
    Cinematographer, Climbing Advisor

1992 India Classic Adventure  (30 min.)
    BBC-TV, "Brahmaputra Whitewater" segment
    Field Producer, Director, Cinematographer

1991 Nepal Taller than Everest?  (55 min.)
  Italy NOVA PBS, in association with Arcturus Motion Pictures
    Producer, Writer, Director of Photography

1991 France The Extreme Edge  (30 min.)
    ABC Sports TV

1991 Nepal Wonders of Nature  (30 min.)
    Disney Channel, "Great Wonders of the World"
    Director of Photography

1991 Nepal Himalayas: Kingdom of the Sherpa  (48 min.)
    ESPN Series, "Expedition Earth"
    Producer, Director of Photography

1990 Pakistan Nameless Tower Freeclimb  (48 min.)
    ESPN Series, "Expedition Earth"
    Producer, Director of Photography

1990 Tibet Galahad of Everest  (75 min.)
  India BBC-TV Feature Documentary
  Nepal Assistant Director, Cinematographer

1990 Tanzania Dare to be Brave  (48 min.)
    CBS Sports Special - Kilimanjaro

1989 USA Stranger than Paradise  (8 min.)
    Rock Climbing Music Video for David Lee Roth
    Director of Photography, Cinematographer

1988 Tibet Search for the Yeti  (55 min.)
  Nepal PBS Series "Adventure", WGBH-TV & BBC-TV

1987 Tibet Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine  (50 min.)
    Arcturus Motion Pictures with BBC Northwest
    Producer, Director of Photography, Deputy Leader

1986 Tibet American Women on Everest  (30 min.)
    ABC Sports - Spirit of Adventure
    Field Producer, Director of Photography

1985 USSR Snow Leopards! An Ascent of Peak Pobedy  (50 min.)
    Co-director, Cinematographer

1983 Nepal Ascent of Mount Everest  (60 min.)
    ABC Sports - American Sportsman

1982 USA Outward Bound  (48 min.)
    Robert Godfrey Productions
    Production Consultant, Cinematographer

1981 Tibet Mount Everest: The East Face  (60 min.)
    ABC Sports - American Sportsman
    Cinematographer, Sound Recordist

1980 USA Fall Line  (30 min.)
    Sports Imagery
    Technical Consultant, Assistant Cinematographer

1980 Nepal Sherpa  (60 min.)
    Robert Godfrey Productions
    Production Consultant, Sound Recordist

1979 Nepal Ama Dablam  (55 min.)
    ABC Sports American Sportsman
    Sound Recordist, Assistant Cameraman

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